Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Search Engine to World Ruler

It started like every great idea, in college and eventually a garage. Google was just a search engine then that determined relevance based on the importance of a page was based on what it linked to and was linked to it, while previous search engines based results on how many times your search terms appeared on the page.

However, today Google is an international business with a giant headquarters in Mountain View, California. As we all know Google is no longer just a search engine. From Youtube to Android to this very blogging service that I am using now. The only thing it seems Google isn't behind is Facebook, however if that were the case I think the Internet would just be renamed the Google.

While Google is great I must admit, its almost scary. Like I said before, they own everything, and even some of there April fools jokes have seemed real because they are Google. I honestly thought that I might be switching to a toilet based router for a while. The fact that I am using Google Chrome to type a blog on a Google service, linked to my Google email, seems a little over the top. Hell Google Chrome knows my credit card number by heart, while convenient its still is questionable.

It won't be long before Google takes over the world. We all joke about it, but we know that its entirely possible because of how much power they have accumulated over the years. Yes I do sound paranoid and the chances that Google would actually do this is like .00000001%, but its totally possible. Did you know that Google is currently working on its own social networking website. What if that catches on, it's possible with all of the recent security upsets with Facebook that people might just up and leave, I mean look what happened to Friendster, Xanga and Myspace. Before you know it Google could have control over much of our online social life.

Google definitely is an amazing service Internet Empire. It is responsible for the way that most of us navigate the internet, watch video's and check our email. I am not against Google at all, but if people get the time, comment on how many Google services you would say you use everyday, including email, searching, android, Youtube, etc. I would really be interested to see the numbers.

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