Monday, November 1, 2010

Sherman Squared

Welcome everyone to my new blog.  I am starting this blog out of sheer enjoyment of both writing and technology, which will be a common topic on this blog.  I can't promise that I will be an extremely constant writer but I will try to make all of my posts meaningful.

Some of you may be wondering what Sherman squared means and I want to give you a little background on it.  My name is Michael Sherman, however I more commonly respond to Sherman.  As far back as 7th grade my classmates have called me Sherman and even some of my teachers and my boss at TI refers to me as Sherman.  The only problem is meeting new people, commonly, in a casual setting, I am introduced as Sherman and from that point people only know me as Sherman.  However what they don't realize is that Sherman is not my first name, so when they find out that my last name is Sherman they get confused.  I have a really good friend who after a year of knowing me didn't realize that my first name was Michael, I couldn't blame him, nobody ever calls me by Michael, except maybe family.  I once had a lab partner who actually thought my full name was Sherman Sherman and wrote it that way on a few of our Lab Reports...however I blame someone else for that incident.

I am currently a freshman at the University of Texas in Dallas and am also a Co-Op at Texas Instruments.  I have two awesome sisters and am the proud uncle of a pink teddy bear bubby, also a common topic on here.

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