Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video Life

I must admit, as much as I know about technology, one of the major things that still baffles me is video chat. I am sure if you had asked anyone ten years ago if video chat would be widely accessible, they would have looked at you crazily. Hell the fact that webcams are now a standard on most new laptops still blows my mind, however it has opened up a whole new world to what we now know as video blogs that everyday people are taking advantage of. Whether the subject be fashion, video games or just a movie review, the learning curve is so minimal, that anyone with a webcam can just make a video.

I think what really amazes me is the hosting ability. For those who don't know memory ain't cheap, and video ain't small. As of April 2008, YouTube was hosting 83.2 million videos, obviously that number has climbed substantially since then, but for a free service to have that much server space is amazing, though considering its owned by Google I wouldn't have expected anything less(future post idea: Google: From Search Engine to World Domination). None the less its another part of technology that makes me want to be an Electrical Engineer.

But back to video chat, last week I had the pleasure of getting to talk to both of my sisters via ooVoo and Skype (ooVoo supports conference video chat). This was the first time any of us had "seen" each other since at least September, I haven't seen Julia since June. I just can't believe that technology is at the point where for zero dollars and zero cents a minute I can create a free account and simply video chat with people across the country. My hats off to you Skype for making it possible.

I think this is just the beginning, as everyone knows with Apples release of the iPhone 4, they added video chat. Well everyone wants to be like Apple...face it Microsoft even wants to be more like Apple, apple sells, so it won't be long until people are making video chat phones. I mean look what apple did to the touch screen phone know it to be true.

Well I have class in about four minutes, so I must go. I hope that I am not the only one who feels this way, and that while reading this I might inspire a few to actually look into the wonders of streaming video.

P.S. While chatting with my sister's I did get to check up on Bubby, sounds like she is keeping everyone sane without me.

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  1. I'm going to excite you with a comment, because I know I get excited about comments. You need more pictures and it would be really cool if you did a comic too. That would bring more readers in. Otherwise good post, a few grammar errors, but overall very meaningful. I look forward to more. =)